Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Security Guard Checklist

Hello again fellow security officer’s time for this month’s tip. So, we are going to examine how preparation for your work shift can maximize your effectiveness specifically having the proper equipment and uniform.  

Preparing with a checklist is similar to one of my hobbies, flying.  When I was learning to fly, the importance of landing safely was forefront in my mind.  I learned that it was the set up for the landing that was so important.  Your approach to the point of touchdown, like your approach to your duty shift greatly determines how smoothly things will go.  In a small plane you set up your approach to landing on the downwind leg according to a checklist; seat belts, fuel mixture, carb heat, power, flaps, altitude, planning your turn to base and eventually final are all cumulative.  In this case, preparation before you ever leave the ground determines how smoothly you will land.

Prepare yourself physically and mentally by having a proper meal before you begin your shift – nothing heavy that could inhibit physical performance or mental sharpness.  Mental alertness enables you to quickly adapt and overcome adverse situations. 
Use a checklist to prepare for your work shift:
·         Guard card
·         Identification badge
·         Flashlight
·         Pen 
·         Any other tools or information you need 
·         Uniform should be clean for a professional image

Being ready is essential!  Most landings, like most shifts, will go without a problem. However, it is the last minute gust of wind, the control tower ordering an immediate 360 degree turn when you are on final approach - 400 ft off the ground over a corral of scattering cattle – can be like the RCI (residentially challenged individual) that decides today is the day he will not comply or reacts with violence. In cases like these, the prepared person with a solid approach to their situation has the best chance for an optimum outcome.  Your success depends on your level of preparation every shift.  Be ready to face the challenges of our industry like the pilot landing the plane.

Good preparation allows you to use your body, mind, experience and expertise simultaneously with your equipment and training for success.  Remember, train to the maximum!


  1. I always ask my security guards for there security card to see when there last training day was. It's always key.

  2. Thanks for your tips and this tips are really important for every guard who ready for going duty. It is more important because guard must have those thing.
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